by Lukas Bärfuss

October 2, 2007
Tarragon Extra Space
North American Premiere
Translation World Premiere

Presented by Theatre Smash and the Goethe-Institute of Toronto
An International Platform for Contemporary Theatre –
Dramatic Reading in cooperation with ITI Germany, Playwrights Guild, and the Swiss Consulate General.

The Goethe-Institut Toronto and Theatre Smash's presentation of The Bus was the Canadian premiere of Bärfuss' work; the translation by Toronto translator Judith Orban, commissioned by the Goethe-Institut, was the first English rendition of the play. The project was part of the International Theatre Institute's 3rd International Platform for Contemporary Theatre, a program that involves events and workshops in Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands.

After a two day workshop rehearsal of the piece, we presented a staged public reading. Lukas Bärfuss attended the reading, and lead workshops at the Goethe-Institut the following week.

For more information about the reading, please read this article written by Ashlie Corcoran for CanPlay magazine.

Featuring Gord Bolan, Juan Chioran, Jacklyn Francis, John Gilbert, Anne Hardcastle, Thomas Hauff and Ieva Lucs
Directed by Ashlie Corcoran
Translator: Judith Orban